The fund mainly invests in global EM and frontier markets debt through a simple and flexible strategy based on fundamental. Most of the fund's investments (at least 51%) is invested to hard-currency debt. The fund can dynamically allocate to corporate bonds, local currency sovereign issues and EM currencies. The fund may invest up to a maximum of 20% in China and Russia. Investment decisions are based on a fundamental approach and through a deep analysis of issuers. The strategy is diversified and unconstrained, with a strong focus on protecting versus market dislocations. The portfolio manager has a long track record built while managing similar products for some among the largest global asset managers. The sub-fund is dedicated to investors who intend to pursue capital growth in the medium to long term with a low-medium volatility. In accordance with article 8 of EU regulation 2019/2088, the Aristea Fim Gem Debt Fund promotes environmental, social and governance characteristics in accordance with European regulation. Further information on the Fund and ESG values according to EU regulation 2019/2088 are available here:

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